How an Unbelieving Lesbian English Professor Became a Reformed Pastor’s Wife

What a fascinating and instructive and encouraging interview, as Marvin Olasky talks with Rosaria Butterfield about her memoir, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith.


You can read a sample here.

Carl Trueman writes:

This autobiography is the launchpad for numerous sophisticated reflections on the nature of life, faith, sexuality, worship, education and other matters. As one would expect from a lover of nineteenth century literature, the book is also beautifully written with many a well-turned sentence; and as one would expect from someone schooled at the highest levels in critical theory, it eschews simplistic pieties for stimulating analyses of both Christian and non-Christian culture.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I do not agree with everything she says; but I did learn from everything she wrote. It deserves the widest possible readership.

In particular Carl highlights her discussion of sexuality:

Her treatment of sexual sin and gender politics is fascinating and so much more sophisticated than the kind of simplistic drivel which passes for discussion in evangelical circles. Chapter Two, ‘Repentance and the Sin of Sodom’ along with her accounts in Chapter Three of talking to students at Geneva College about sexuality, are worth the price of the book. Every pastor should read these chapters and take her analysis to heart.

You can read his whole review here.

Louie Giglio and the New State Church



President Obama kicked up some controversy by announcing that evangelical pastor Louie Giglio would be praying at the inauguration. Sexual liberationist groups quickly identified Giglio, as they did Rick Warren under similar circumstances in 2009, as “anti-gay.” After a couple of days of…

Michael Brown's "In the Line of Fire" FREE [Kindle]

This is the guy James White looks to alot for current issue about same-sex marriage, homosexuality, etc…

In the Line of Fire

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So You Still Think Homosexuality Is A Sin?

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Is this flow chart accurate?

TurretinFan takes it on on his blog.

And James White addresses this in the first 15 minutes of his podcast from yesterday (though he incorrectly called it a venn diagram :-/ just ignore that part…)

Some people — in comments, on Twitter and elsewhere — are defending what Emanuel and Menino are doing on the ground that the Chick-fil-A is not being punished for the views of its CEO, but because it donates money to Bad Groups (i.e., conservative groups), and since money is not speech, there is nothing wrong with this. Aside from the fact that the city officials do not even claim this to be the case (they’re open about the fact that they’re acting to punish the company for the political views of the CEO), suppose a town in Alabama or Montana or Central California were to enact this ordinance:

Any resident found to have donated money to a group advocating same-sex marriage or abortion rights — including, without limitation, Human Rights Campaign or Planned Parenthood — shall be barred from opening or operating a business in this city.

For those offering the defense I just referenced, what possible grounds would you have for objecting to such an ordinance (other than to say that it’s OK when the state punishes views that you dislike, not ones you like)?

Glenn Greenwald - (via ayjay)

Matthew Vines: The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality [REFUTED]

The complete response to Matthew Vines [from Dr. James White] is now available as a single program. Yes its five hours and nine minutes long, (72meg in size),… "Gay Christianity" Refuted [mp3] 

You can play it here or right click and download it.


Twitter: @VinesMatthew / Facebook: matthew.vines.

Alright, I’d just like to start by saying thank you to everybody for coming tonight – I really appreciate it – and for being interested in learning more about this subject. I also want to thank College Hill United Methodist for…

Same-sex marriage makes sense if you assume that the individual is the center of the universe, that God—if he exists—is there to make us happy, and that our choices are not grounded in a nature created by God but in arbitrary self-construction. To the extent that this sort of “moralistic-therapeutic-deism” prevails in our churches, can we expect the world to think any differently?

- Michael Horton

from “Same-Sex Marriage Makes a Lot of Sense” - White Horse Inn Blog

Really, all these old arguments?… *sigh*

Wondering who this guy is?


“It Gets Better” Anti-Bullying Activist Dan Savage Bullies Christian Teens as Keynote Speaker for National Scholastic Press Association/Journalism Education Association’s Annual High School Journalism Convention proving that for Christians, #ItGetsWorse 

Warning: Vulgar Language

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