• Track Name

    3 minute clip from Why the Reformation Isn’t Over

  • Album

    Together for the Gospel 2012

  • Artist

    Carl Trueman

3 minute clip from Carl Trueman's T4G lecture on "Why the Reformation Isn’t Over" [listen], from whence came two recent blog post entitled, "The Gospel is Insufficient", and "Multisite, the Poker Tell and the Importance of Presence".

In this clip he talks about divisions in the church and how they are NOT always a tragedy. He starts this portion with talking about Luther’s 7 marks of a church.

  • Track Name

    April 24, 2012 Show

  • Album

    The Dividing Line

  • Artist

    Dr. James White

6 minute clip from James White’s "The Dividing Line" podcast from April 24, 2012 were he talks about Christians who think this upcoming election is about voting for defining Christians.

It is in response to a call he heard on conservative talk radio which basically said, "I ain’t votin’ for no cult member!" regarding why he would NOT vote for Mormon Mitt Romney (which I hear all the time on talk radio.)

His response sounds very 2KT* friendly >:P

Listen to the whole show.

James White’s Mormonism 101 series.

*2KT = Two Kingdom Theology

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