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Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th September

Adam is under increasing fire not only from some scientists and moral critics of the Bible’s doctrine of original sin, but also from voices within the church. This poses unique challenges for pastors and preachers: how do we teach and preach Adam today? The conference looked at Adam from a number of angles and the speakers brought us faithful, theologically stretching, and applied material on this important topic. 

Introduction:  Garry Williams

Session 1: David Green

Adam in the Old Testament

Session 2: Lane Tipton

Adam in the New Testament

Session 3: Lane Tipton

Adam and Christ in Systematic Theology

Session 4: Stephen Lloyd

‘Adam, Where art thou?’

Session 5: Garry Williams

Adam in the Covenant of Works

Session 6: Steve Jeffery

Original Sin: Unbiblical, Unjust and Unreasonable?

Session 7: Michael McClenahan

Preaching Adam to Adam’s Race

"Adam & the Bible" Conference Audio

Dr. Lane G. Tipton, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology atWestminster Theological Seminary, describes logical positivism, a type of analytic philosophy incorporating mathematical and logico-linguistic constructs and deductions of epistemology.

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What is the Gospel? [Audio/Video]

Reformed Forum put out a “What is the Gospel” series. Each audio/video is anywhere from three to ten minutes:

What is the Gospel?


Redemption Accomplished and Applied


The Benefits of Salvation


How is Redemption Applied?

The redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ is applied by the Holy Spirit as he effectually calls the elect and unites them to Christ by faith… Read more→


The Covenantal Context of Redemption


The Covenant of Grace


Law and Gospel

Once the forensic, elocutionary act of justification is spoken then there is a host of perlocutionary effects. These perlocutionary effects are the sum total of the new creation… Justification is a performative utterance… it is the elocutionary alpha point for the entire redemptive reality applied to believers… I saw ontological source, communicative source… not as infalisative language… as expressing the architectonic structure of his ordo salutus as it depends on justification as an elocutionary speech act that brings all these perlocutionary effects…

Lane Tipton explaining Mike Horton’s view (while discussing Justification and Union with Christ in the most recent Reformed Forum. [18-19 minute mark])

Was mine the only mind that exploded?

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