Apr 10

CCF Episode Ten: Introduction to How to Read a Book -

In this episode, Billy and JD sit down with Pastor Jason Delgado, Junior (The Big Dippa) Duran, Rene Del Rio, and Jack DiMarco to introduce How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler. Featuring music from Mary J. Blige, Bernard Herrmann, Alan Menken, and Eisley.  MP3 Download | stream: Download: CCF%20Episode%20Ten.mp3 - Subscribe to future podcasts and […] via CredoCovenant

Apr 09

Prayer time -

That's called being throat-chopped by a dead guy


MediaFire Launches Desktop Apps, Offers 1TB of Space for $2.50 a Month -

MediaFire Launches Desktop Apps, Offers 1TB of Space for $2.50 a Month

We thought Google Drive’s price drop was impressive (1TB for $9.99 a month), but, heck, 1TB of space for $2.50 a month is even better. That’s what MediaFire is offering now to celebrate its launch of new Windows and Mac desktop apps for syncing your files.

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We're not in Kansas (or West Virginia) Anymore (Carl Trueman) -

This week’s MoS is available and once again it is one where we ventured out of the Bunker and recorded on location.   She Who Must Be Obeyed was so impressed with Nunchuck’s salvo against Calvinistoz spin.jpg organic chicken farming last week that, as you can see, she met with La Byrd and gave her a special mandate for the Bully Pulpit this week: to head out from home and travel to the Land of Oz.  So, before donning her ruby witch dorothy (180x148).jpgslippers and heading down the yellow brick road, Aimee invited her MoS crew (minus Larry, the one we never talk about) to join her in the kitchen for some of her delicious Every Square Inch homebakes and a casual conversation about things that count — or, in this case, that probably don’t. 

As we prepare for our journey, we chat about my exciting new book on complementarian rock music, Todd shares his recipe for ‘Combat Cookies’ (a delicious, high energy snack ideal for those on the front line but not, according to Todd, suitable for women — heavy sigh!), we teach you the one word you need to know to answer any radical transformationalist argument, and we mortify all the spin — indeed, every square inch of spin — which we can grab hold of in a mere 15 minutes. 

If there was any doubt before, it is now surely dispelled: our Edgy Diva, fresh faced, pigtailed, and innocent as she looks, is just as bad as the rest of the team at MoS. That Man Behind the Curtain will not be happy but, as you can guess, we pay no attention to him. via Reformation21 Blog

99¢ / £0.37 [Kindle] Adoniram Judson (Studies in Baptist Life & Thought) by Jason G. Duesing -

We told you about this when it was $2.99 on Kindle, but […] via The Confessing Baptist

Apr 08

The Confessing Baptist Birthday Bash! -

If you’re going to be in the Fort Worth area this weekend, come hang with us at the Ginger Man to celebrate The Confessing Baptist’s one year anniversary. Guys and gals are welcome. I even have it on good faith, ladies, that some of the “Confessing Baptist wives” will be there. It would also be […] via CredoCovenant

The work of the Holy Spirit - It is always the Holy Spirit’s work to turn our eyes away from self to Jesus; but Satan’s work is just the opposite of this, […]

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Idolatry in Corporate Worship -

“While I don’t want to minimize the importance of faithful planning, musical skill, and wise leadership, our greatest problem when it comes to worshiping God doesn’t lie outside us, but within our own hearts. It’s the problem of idolatry.”   What’s your greatest hindrance to worshiping God as you gather with the church for corporate… Continue Reading via The Aquila Report

Check out how this guy got everyone in downtown Tokyo but himself to walk around backward -

As you watch this man stroll through Tokyo, you know something is off, but you aren’t sure what. He seems to be walking pretty normally, while everyone around him is walking backwards. This five-minute video shows excerpts from a full nine-hour film called Tokyo Reverse, which simply follows a man walking backwards through Tokyo. The […] via 22 Words

Apr 07

Its our birthday! Lets celebrate! |The Confessing Baptist @ The Ginger Man [Event] -

Come join us as we celebrate the first birthday of The Confessing Baptist blog & podcast. We’ll be recording a Dunker Bunker edition of our show, having a few craft beers, and talking theology….

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Its our birthday! Lets celebrate! |The Confessing Baptist @ The Ginger Man [Event] -

Come join us as we celebrate the first birthday of The […] via The Confessing Baptist

Baptism: A Means Of Grace [Roundup] -

Last week, Jim Cassidy over at Reformed Forum reviewed […] via The Confessing Baptist

Unplugged: A Smartphone Detox [infographic] -

Are you addicted to your smartphone? If I hadn’t recently gone without my smartphone for three days, I probably wouldn’t be asking myself that question. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that I have a smartphone problem. According to this infographic, 66 percent of people said they couldn’t last one day without it. I honestly don’t know […] via Daily Infographic

People Say Stupid Things -

Years ago, when our daughter Bethanne was born, I realized that when faced with difficult circumstances people often say stupid things. I know that most of the time the stupid comments come from good intentions. People mean to be kind, generally. They simply just don’t know what to say. Here’s a small sampling of things… Continue Reading via The Aquila Report

Apr 06

Why Did John Calvin and the Reformers Forbid All Images of the Divine Persons? -

Christianity is a religion of faith.  It focuses on “things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).  Christians worship the unseen God and His unseen Son seated in the unseen Heaven, mediated by the unseen Spirit.  Unauthorized images of Christ add nothing beneficial to this religion of faith, and serve only to tempt the faithful to take their… Continue Reading via The Aquila Report