8 Ways To Beat Temptation

“Quote Scripture. That’s how Jesus overcame the tempter. When you feel like grumbling remind yourself to “Rejoice always.” When tempted to give a harsh reply think, “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” When rankling against correction remind yourself, “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Of course to quote Scripture when tempted… Continue Reading via The Aquila Report

No podcasts this week :( But, check out these audios going through the 1689 & An Orthodox Catechism [Barcellos, White, Oliver]

Sorry, lots of personal issues came up this week that h […]

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We’re giving away 2 copies of the new book on Abraham Cheare, & will ship world-wide! [Book Giveaway]

Thanks to an anonymous fellow Confessing Baptist for su […]

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A Word of Encouragment to Those in Ministry: God Does Not View Your Labors as “Filthy Rags”

This recognition that God’s delight in the works of his people is not, as some might think, a recipe for pride, but rather a tremendous (and much needed) encouragement to those of us who are laboring in ministry.  Truth be told, ministry can be difficult.  Our efforts can seem futile.  We often find ourselves spent… Continue Reading via The Aquila Report

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